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What is Ramadhan Relief

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ramadan will only appear in the next few months . Even so Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) has already started a campaign of Ramadan early assistance as a proactive measure to get the public prepared for the arrival of the holy month. The said programme, Ramadhan Relief : Show Your Care & Eid Gift  is a seasonal project  which is implemented by Islamic Relief Worldwide to provide assistance to those in need. The assistance provided is in the form of food,  all packed in packages  valued at RM50 per pack. Each pack contains the basic food for a family that will last for two weeks. The distribution of food will be done before or during Ramadhan.
Campaign Objective?
1. Provides nutritious food packages in an effort to alleviate the problem of malnutrition among the poor.
2. Encourage the continued development of a caring society by raising awareness and smart partnership with relevant parties to help the beneficiaries.
Who Is The Target of Assistance?
A total of 6500 families that belong to the poor and needy recipients.
· Single mothers
· Orphans
· Patients with chronic disease
· Disables
· Orang Asli
· Homeless
Glimpse of the Ramadhan Relief : Show Your Care (RRSYC) 2011
In year 2011, IRM has distributed a total of 6491 Ramadhan food packs and 1000 Eid Packs. This amount exceeded the IRM original target of 5000 Ramadan packs 1000 Eid packs. 6,491 families or 32,455 people throughout Malaysia have received their contributions from RRSYC 2011 accordingly.  IRM hopes in year 2012 more people in need can be assisted.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012